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911 Made Simple - Planes can't enter steel buildings

One_2.gif 9/11/01: Downtown Manhattan is attacked by nuclear weapons. It remains a cancer zone to this day. In addition, the TV news networks aired fake video of animated planes striking the World Trade Center on 9/11/01. The fact that the TV networks aired fake planes on TV is the most important fact of this time.

Fake, Fake, Fake
911 "plane"!



Despite heavy censorship, The 911 Hoax is finally getting out.

However, New York Metro is running out of time. The 911 Hoax has to break soon. The US economy is teetering. (Two billion a day on wars are taking a toll.) New York Metro has to wake up now about the phony 9/11 planes or martial law will come to the United States.

Three_2.gif Join us! We're the ones who know that aluminum planes can't enter steel buildings like ghosts! We're the ones who know that the core columns in the WTC would have shredded any plane that managed somehow to pass the exterior steel walls.

Four_2.gif Stand up and be heard! No planes struck the World Trade Center.

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I am asking for information on moving to Tampa Florida. I have been looking at information about this great city, and I would like to know the "good" areas to purchase a home, and also the areas to stay clear of.
Any information would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

Fri, Nov 22 21:17 2013 - - message #1

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