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911 Made Simple - Planes can't enter steel buildings

One_2.gif 9/11/01: Downtown Manhattan is attacked by nuclear weapons. It remains a cancer zone to this day. In addition, the TV news networks aired fake video of animated planes striking the World Trade Center on 9/11/01. The fact that the TV networks aired fake planes on TV is the most important fact of this time.

Fake, Fake, Fake
911 "plane"!



Despite heavy censorship, The 911 Hoax is finally getting out.

However, New York Metro is running out of time. The 911 Hoax has to break soon. The US economy is teetering. (Two billion a day on wars are taking a toll.) New York Metro has to wake up now about the phony 9/11 planes or martial law will come to the United States.

Three_2.gif Join us! We're the ones who know that aluminum planes can't enter steel buildings like ghosts! We're the ones who know that the core columns in the WTC would have shredded any plane that managed somehow to pass the exterior steel walls.

Four_2.gif Stand up and be heard! No planes struck the World Trade Center.

Location: US
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Joined: 9/14/2007
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Hello, I am 43 years old businesman and I'm going to be in Cabo from Nov 11 to Nov 14, 2007 and would like female companion while I am there. I will pay for hotels, meals, and whatever else is required. The female doesn't have to be a professional escort as long as you are hot and are willing to have fun.

Fri, Nov 22 20:09 2013 - - message #4

Paola Escort Services
Location: Cabo San Lucas, Baja
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Paola Escort Service at Cabo San Lucas, Mèxico:

A gorgeus 25 yrs old,nice Brazilian woman living at Cabo.
If you vacations here always are great, now can be greater!
Now attending Men, Women and Couples; making all your fantasies
become an exciting reality instead.....
The Latinas are the best, but the Brazilians are still better!
Have you experimented one?
Then, come to experiment the sensuality and pleasures as never before; at the Brazilian way...
And the best of all:
You even don`t need to go to Brazil!
And remember:
What happens in Cabo, stay in Cabo.



My Pics

Fri, Nov 22 20:09 2013 - - message #3

Location: Cabo San Lucas, BCS
Interests: humanity, love
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If you come to Cabo and want to party give me a call:

011 52 624 11 30695 from the US
044 624 11 30695 in Cabo

we are Cabo's elite adult entertainment service.
You can check out my page and see what the Adult Entertainment industry
has to say about it.

But if you already know me, please post a coment so it does not sound like just
marketing BS

Thanks to all

Good luck, live, love and be happy.

Miss Rebeca

Fri, Nov 22 20:09 2013 - - message #2

Location: Cabo San Lucas
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Joined: 12/29/2005
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Single guy looking for guys, girls, or couples for fun in the Cabo San lucas area. Very cute, brown hair/eyes, very sensual and kinky. Let's get nasty for New Years 2005 ! Contact me now, hasta luego

Fri, Nov 22 20:09 2013 - - message #1

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